Flip Farm Resorts is a leading real estate company that owns and seeks to acquire high-quality farmland throughout Nigeria thus addressing the growing demands for food, feed, fiber and at the same time empowering both farmers and entrepreneurs and encouraging growth in the agricultural industry.

Make smart life and business decisions

What are the prospects in the agricultural business sectors in Nigeria in 2021? The agricultural sector of Nigeria is one of those predominant sectors in Nigeria; it contributes just a little over 20% to the overall GDP of the country even though it can be much more. Now you will wonder what the available Agribusiness opportunities in Nigeria are. You don’t need a huge capital or farmland to get into the agriculture business. If you have a little piece of land in your backyard, you can go into Cassava Farming, Poultry Farming, Rice Farming, Snail Farming, Fish Farming, Maize Farming

.Now, even if you don’t have enough funds to acquire our farmlands you also have the opportunity to pay in installments as our clients within the space of one year and take possession of the land immediately. Terms and conditions also apply.

Each plot of land costs 500,000naira only, we will issue your deed of assignment and your receipts as proof of payment.